Brian Goddard

Clinical Trials Play and Study Assistant

Brian joined the Oxford Vaccine Group in May 2107 and is part of the clinical trials play team that provide comfort and distraction to children undergoing venepuncture and immunisation. He accompanies nurses and doctors on home visits and to community clinics.

Brian is a qualified primary school teacher with a specialism in early years, and has many years’ experience of working with children.

Outside the workplace Brian works creating mini-documentaries of family life with young children, capturing the precious memories of early childhood in both sound and photographs.

Brian has also worked across many different employment sectors besides research, including being a webmaster for a national conservation organisation in Australia, initiating Intercultural Programmes in Transylvania and Kyrgyzstan, and working for Oxfam in Darfur, West Sudan, exploring sustainable methods of gerbil control – a serious local agricultural pest.

Brian holds a PGCE in Primary School Education (Early Years specialism), an MSc in Agricultural Meteorology, and a BSc in Applied Zoology.