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Gu-Lung Lin

DPhil Student

Gu-Lung is a DPhil student with the Department of Paediatrics, studying within the Oxford Vaccine Group (OVG), under the supervision of Professor Andrew Pollard.

Gu-Lung was practising as a paediatrician before coming to Oxford, and saw a lot of children suffering from RSV infection. RSV is a very common virus and can cause severe disease, even death, in children. However, the immunopathogenesis of RSV infection is not fully understood and there is no effective treatment or vaccine available. That is why he became interested in researching into RSV infection.

Gu-Lung would like to find out RSV biomarkers which can help clinicians predict who will be protected from or susceptible to RSV infection, who will develop severe RSV infection and should be admitted, and who will have sequelae, wheezing episodes or asthma. The study might also help to better understand the immune response to RSV infection and benefit the development of RSV vaccines and pharmaceuticals.