Harri Hughes

Research Assistant

Harri Hughes did his undergrad in Cell and molecular Biology at Brookes University followed by a MSc in Biotechnology in the same establishment with a stint in-between playing in a law firm . During the course of his MSc project he studied the evolutionary development of the Drosophila eye, in particular a mutant phenotype known as goggle and also contributed to a number of other projects in the lab. Refusing to leave following, he was eventually given a post as a research assistant as a part of a project focused on regulation by mRNAs of the naked valley of Drosophila, not nearly as lewd an area as one might think. Feeling institutionalized and pending unemployment Harri went to work for the Oxford Vaccine Group as a Research Assistant focusing on a number of projects and trying to stick his nose into some genetics work to make it feel like home, he’s currently missing his flies and toys but he’s happy.

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