Mary Smith


Clinical Research Nurse

Mary’s nursing background is broad, with experience in school work, Sure Start primary care and in cardiac catherisation speciality. Mary joined OVG in Feb 2016  after training as a Research Nurse will the Jenner Institute and brings with her some experience in working on phase 1 studies investigating vaccines against Malaria, TB, HIV and Hep C . Her interests lie in the area of participant involvement and preventative health, borne out of seeing poverty in Rwanda and Romania in previous nursing roles.

Mary has worked in clinical trials as a Research Midwife at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford and enjoyed working with perinatal women using technology in their midwifery communications.

Mary is knowledgeable about a wide range of Disability issues and has a passion for carer’s issues and Disability Rights in health care and community life. Some of this comes from personal experience and she has post registration qualifications in Primary Care and Managing Long Term Living Conditions with Oxford Brookes University. She is also training to take up a role as Trustee of an organisation called Getting Heard, which provides advocacy to disadvantaged families or people with disabilities who are struggling to access community or care.

Mary has recently attended the Research Methods course run by the Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit and is interested in gaining further research experience with OVG. She enjoys presenting within small groups and has a particular focus on Mindfulness in the Work Place and Positive Psychology.

Next steps for Mary include completing her Theology and Pastoral Studies with Oxford University (Wycliffe Hall) and securing funding for her Master’s Degree in Nursing Studies (Clinical Leadership in Practice.)

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