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Professor Andrew Pollard - The history of immunisation policy in the UK

Professor Adam Finn Professor of Paediatrics, University of Bristol - When will varicella vaccination be part of the UK immunisation schedule?

Associate Professor Matthew Snape, Consultant in Vaccinology and General Paediatrics, OVG and OUH NHS Trust and Dr Jeremy Carr, Research Fellow, OVG - Study update: Be on the TEAM - Teenagers Against Meningitis

Dr Dipti Patel, Director, NaTHNaC - Topical vaccine questions received by the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC)

Dr Catherine Smith Research Fellow, OVG - Vaccinating older people: the challenge of immune senescence

What the public are viewing on the Vaccine Knowledge website - Sarah Loving Former Vaccine Knowledge Project Manager, OVG - What the public are viewing on the Vaccine Knowledge website

Paula Jackson and Nisha Jayatilleke

Matthew Snape

Dominic Kelly

Prof Andrew Pollard

Joanne Yarwood talk

Sarah Loving

Dr Celina Jin and Maria Moore

Dr Malick Gibani

Dr Dipti Patel

Prof Paul Heath

Dr Matthew Snape and Professor Paul Heath Debate

Jo Yarwood

Dr Chris Cook

Karen Crockatt

Professor Andrew Pollard

Dr Pauline Paterson

Dr Matthew Snape

Dr Iain Milligan and Rachael Cummings

MenB vaccination: JCVI publish recommendations

Delegates who attended the OVG immunisation seminar on 20th March are reminded that the MenB vaccine was an academic debate and did not represent the real views of either of the debaters or the Oxford Vaccine Group.

On Friday 21st March, the JCVI published a position statement on the use of meningococcal B vaccine in the UK at the following link:

This statement includes additional information not available at the time of the debate that makes many of the issues discussed redundant. The OVG team hope that delegates found the debate useful in enhancing their understanding of the complexities of decisions to introduce new vaccines.

Prof Andy Pollard OVG

Prof Paul Heath

Sarah Lang

Amy Letts

Paula Jackson

Dr David Porter, Danielle Campbell and Carrie White

Dr Liz Clutterbuck

Dr Caroline Trotter

Dr Dominic Kelly

Prof Andrew J Pollard MenB Vaccine Development

Dr Dominic Kelly Rotavirus Vaccines

Dr Noel McCarthy Control of Pertussis

Dr Rory Care The quality assurance of vaccines

Dr Koye Balogun Vaccination against HepB

Owain John Vaccine Knowledge Project