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In preparation for the first Global Vaccinology Training workshop in 2018, a survey of 27 advanced vaccinology courses was conducted to provide a landscape of the vaccinology education around the world. Advanced vaccinology courses have expanded dramatically over the last 20 years, with courses located in almost all regions, but with underrepresentation amongst the Eastern part of the European region, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Western Pacific regions. Most courses are of short duration (<2 weeks), have a global or regional reach, and attract a diverse range of participants from high, middle and low-income countries with representation from public health, academia, industry and less often regulators. Lack of sustainable funding and time commitments of faculty and coordinators is a constraint for most vaccinology courses and needs to be addressed. Continuation and extension of training in vaccinology worldwide will be necessary as increasing number of new and more complex vaccines are introduced, vaccine safety concerns and rumors continue their trend, and reemergence of some vaccine-preventable diseases will require a competent workforce to advance and deploy immunizations to larger populations.

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4664 - 4670


Education, Global, Survey, Training, Vaccines, Vaccinology, Humans, Vaccines, Vaccinology, Workforce