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Introduction: Unrecognized Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) can lead to multiple chains of transmissions if the first caretakers are not trained and prepared. This study aimed to assess healthcare workers (HCWs) preparedness in private hospitals located in Kampala, to detect, respond and prevent EVD. Methodology: A descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out among HCWs in direct clinical care provision in four private hospitals, and in one Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) using a self-administered questionnaire from March to June 2020. Results: 222 HCWs agreed to participate aged from 19 to 64 years and with 6 months to 38 years of practice where most were nurses (44%). 3/5 hospitals did not have written protocols on EVD case management, and only one (ETU) had an exclusive emergency team. 59% were not sure whether contact tracing was taking place. Private hospitals were not included in EVD trainings organized by the Ministry of Health (MoH). In addition, HCWs in private hospitals were not empowered by the MoH to take part in EVD case management. Despite these shortcomings, only 66% of HCWs showed an interest to be immunized. Knowledge about potential Ebola vaccines was generally poor. Conclusions: In Kampala, Uganda, establishment of a more comprehensive preparedness and response strategy for EVD outbreaks is imperative for HCWs in private facilities, including a wide vaccination educational program on Ebola vaccination. The findings from this study if addressed will likely improve the preparedness and management of future Ebola outbreaks in Uganda.

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Journal article


The Journal of Infection in Developing Countries


Journal of Infection in Developing Countries

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556 - 564