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Screening for Immunodeficiencies in Children With Invasive Pneumococcal Disease: Six-year Experience From a UK Children's Hospital

Journal article

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Fatal tuberculous meningitis in an infant presenting with seizures in the UK.

Journal article

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A public health ethic should inform policies on COVID-19 immunity passports


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Case Report: Disseminated, rifampicin resistant Mycobacterium bovis (BCG) infection in an immunocompromised child

Journal article

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Reply to Baylis and Kofler

Journal article

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The Scientific and Ethical Feasibility of Immunity Passports

Journal article

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Principles of immunisation in children with solid organ transplant.

Journal article

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Antibody testing for COVID-19: A report from the National COVID Scientific Advisory Panel

Journal article

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Bone and joint infections in Oxford: a 10-year retrospective review.

Journal article

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Inferring B cell specificity for vaccines using a Bayesian mixture model.

Journal article

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