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Antibiotic spectrum index as an antimicrobial stewardship tool in paediatric intensive care settings

Journal article

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Pediatric Antifungal Prescribing Patterns Identify Significant Opportunities to Rationalize Antifungal Use in Children

Journal article

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Paediatric antimicrobial stewardship programmes in the UK's regional children's hospitals.

Journal article

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Biomarkers for the Discrimination of Acute Kawasaki Disease From Infections in Childhood

Journal article

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Neonatal Antifungal Consumption Is Dominated by Prophylactic Use; Outcomes From The Pediatric Antifungal Stewardship

Journal article

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Etiology and Outcome of Candidemia in Neonates and Children in Europe

Journal article

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Bacteremia in Childhood Life-Threatening Infections in Urban Gambia: EUCLIDS in West Africa

Journal article

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