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Emma Francis né Callen

Research Practitioner

Emma Francis joined the Oxford Vaccine Group in June 2017; as a Clinical Trials Play and Study Assistant.

In July 2018 she advanced to the position of Clinical Trials Support Officer/ Play Assistant where she assists the academic research staff in the planning and running of clinical trials. This involved being responsible for day to day administration in specific research studies, involving carrying out various office duties and study-related tasks.

As a Play Assistant her role to accompany doctors and nurses on home visits to children of different ages, providing them with the relevant form of distraction and play in order to provide some therapy and comfort during any venepuncture and immunisation procedures.

In March 2022, Emma then advanced to Clinical Trials Coordinator. This involved working with the support of the Project Manager and Senior Research teams to coordinate aspects of trial delivery across a portfolio of studies from set up to closeout, ensuring quality in all areas of trial delivery. This also included, working with a small team of administration staff providing effective people management and enjoying supporting them in their personal development.

In January 2023, Emma has taken a new career path and challenge and advanced to Research Practitioner. As a Research Practitioner, Emma helps provide administrative support, phlebotomy, sample collection and processing for individuals participating in paediatric and adult trials being run by OVG under the direction of a clinical research fellow or research nurse.