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Jack Francis-hill

Laboratory Research Assistant

Msci Genetics graduate from UCL and recent arrival at the OVG. I am so proud to be working as a laboratory research assistant surrounded by inspirational scientists. Currently, I am involved with the laboratory processing of several ongoing clinical trials as well as the start-up of a new trial investigating the interaction between respiratory pathogens RSV and Streptococcus pneumoniae. 

I have experience with:

  • GCP and HTA regulations
  • Clinical trial operation and organisation
  • PBMC separation and the processing of human biological samples including blood, saliva, stool, nasal wash, etc..
  • Microbiological techniques working with hazard group 2 infectious diseases
  • Operation of Luminex MAGPIX multiplexing machine.
  • DNA extraction, both manual technique and Qiagen QIAsymphony automation.