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Shaka Obhiozele

Head of Administration & Finance

I work closely with the Head of Department on all aspects of strategic and operational planning and policy. I also manage the professional teams who provide the services, resources, advice and information required for the Department's effective operation and growth.


With the support of the professional teams, I am responsible for the non-academic management and operation of the department, including:


  • budgeting, forecasting and financial planning;
  • all financial activity in the department including purchasing and payments and the operation of a sound financial control framework;
  • research grant administration;
  • recruitment and selection and all aspects of HR;
  • health and safety;
  • information governance; and
  • communications.


I work with staff in the Medical Sciences Divisional Office, senior administrative staff in the central University and other heads of administration and finance. 


I joined the University in 2015, working initially in the Planning and Resource Allocation Section with responsibility for the governance of the University’s capital planning process. Prior to joining the University, I spent a number of years in the civil service where I provided direct support to ministers and other senior officials across a range of complex and diverse policy areas.