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Research groups

Elaine Shuo Feng


Senior Epidemiologist and Statistician

Since 2012, Dr Elaine Feng have been working as an infectious disease epidemiologist, and has joined the Oxford Vaccine Group as a epidemiologist/statistician since September 2019. Elaine's research primarily focuses on four key areas: 1) test-negative study designs, 2) correlates of protection, 3) sero-epidemiology and 4) immunogenicity following vaccination. She has contributed significantly to the development of the correlates of protection of Oxford-AZ vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, and immunogenicity and efficacy of pneumococcal vaccines using network meta-analyses of individual participant data.

Elaine has obtained her BSc in Peking University, and MPH and PhD (under supervision by Prof Benjamin Cowling) in The University of Hong Kong. Her primary research interest is infectious disease epidemiology, in particular understanding immunogenicity, efficacy, effectiveness and impact of vaccines on infectious diseases.

Elaine has been involved in studies estimating the effectiveness of influenza vaccines using the test-negative design. She was participated in test-negative study data analysis in mainland China, Hong Kong and the US. She has also examined methodological issues in this study design including the impact of virus interference. Specifically, she investigated the intraseasonal waning rate of influenza vaccine effectiveness among hospitalised children in Hong Kong. Elaine has also involved in studies estimating influenza-associated disease burden in 30 provinces in China.

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