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Congratulations to Professor Sue Ann Costa Clemens for her Honarary CBE award for her positive contribution towards public health. Here at the Oxford Vaccine Group and the Paediatrics department, we are extremely proud of what Sue and her team have achieved.

Since April 2020, Sue has led the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine development in Brazil. This unique opportunity during the peak of the pandemic came with many obstacles in the road: from sourcing local grants to preparing research sites - just a few of the many steps to get her research study up and running. Over a matter of four months, her study developed from 2,000 subjects over two sites into over 10,000 subjects spread across six sites.  

Looking back now, Sue comments that the Brazilian team’s “dedication, organisation, and the responsibility was key to support Oxford A-Z vaccine and prove its efficacy”. This highlights how her research in Brazil, played a pivotal role to the worldwide distribution of the vaccine and consequently saving lives. 

Professor Andy Pollard said: “I am so delighted to see Sue Ann Clemens CBE recognised by the Queen for her extraordinary efforts in Brazil, critical to the development of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, which is saving lives today in over 170 countries.”

Do send your personal congratulations to Professor Sue Ann

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