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At a workshop on 7-8 November 2018 the leaders of 26 advanced vaccinology courses met to carry out an extensive review of the existing courses worldwide, in order to identify education gaps and future needs and discuss potential collaboration. The main conclusions of the workshop concerned: opportunities for strengthening and expanding the global coverage of vaccinology training; evaluation of vaccinology courses; updating knowledge after the course; how to facilitate post-course 'cascade' training; developing and sharing best practices; the application of online and innovative approaches in adult education; and how to reduce costs and facilitate wider access to vaccinology training. The importance of collaboration and information exchange through networks of alumni and between courses was stressed. A web platform to provide information about existing courses for potential applicants is needed. Lack of sustainable funding is a constraint for vaccinology training and needs to be addressed.

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2871 - 2881


Advanced vaccinology training, Global, Vaccines, Vaccinology, Vaccinology training, Workshop, Education, Medical, Continuing, Humans, Vaccines, Vaccinology